Electronics Info


My favorite books are:

    Getting started in Electronics, by Forrest Mims

    Practical Electronics for Inventors, by Paul Scherz


Some handy how-to info:

    Electronic Construction from A to Z

    Bill Beaty's Electronics Hobbyist Site

    Circuit Bending



The most amazing collection of electronic gadgets I've ever seen is at the American Museum of Radio in Bellingham, Washington. And you can play with all of it!



Here are a few artists working with electronics and physical computing. I'd love to hear of others.

    Laurie Anderson

    Einar Ask

    Paul Davies

    Jack Dollhausen

    Reed Ghazala

    Jen Lewin

    Ken Rinaldo

    Ben Rubin


    Wendy Weiss & Jay Kreimer

    Amy Youngs



Here is a list of suppliers that I have used or that have been recommended to me. I am not vouching for them, just providing the list as a resource for you to investigate.


    All Electronics

    BG Micro

    C&H Sales


    The Electronic Goldmine

    Images SI Inc.



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